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"My Authentic CV" is an enriching interactive guide, an essential companion to the 'Where do I start?' test, enhancing your CV with deep introspection and self-awareness. This digital book, available in the Career Guidance section, is split into two pivotal segments: "Direction: Self-Reflection" and "Direction: Authenticity".

The first segment embarks you on an inner exploration journey, urging you to dissect your life's milestones and passions, and how they shape you. This process aims to identify core elements that truly represent you in a professional context.

"Direction: Authenticity," the second part, helps you articulate your competencies effectively in your CV and interviews, transforming personal experiences into relevant professional skills.

A comprehensive toolkit, "My Authentic CV" aids in creating a CV that is not just a document, but a true reflection of your professional persona. Tailored to your needs, it allows you to either navigate the full course or focus on specific sections. Dive in and create a CV that resonates with your unique story and professional aspirations.