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In Osijek, Mario Majstorović and Matko Mikulić have crafted a unique niche in the fast food market with Munchies, driven by a commitment to quality ingredients and innovative offerings. Their entrepreneurial journey highlights the importance of standing out through creative menus and superior quality, even if it means higher prices.

Mario's dream of entrepreneurship and Matko's aspiration for diverse culinary experiences led to Munchies' inception. They faced initial challenges in product management and understanding market demands but overcame these through adaptability and learning from experience. Their strategy included leveraging effective marketing channels, gaining instant recognition with support from Croatian rappers.

Reflecting on their experience, they emphasize thorough preparation, seeking informed advice, and learning from daily operations. The satisfaction of building something unique and independent outweighs the intense work involved. With aspirations to expand, possibly to Zagreb, they aim to accommodate growing demand and diversify their offerings. Mario and Matko's story underscores the significance of quality, innovation, and strategic thinking in the competitive food business landscape.