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In this interview, Valentina Pop, an entrepreneur from Osijek, Croatia, delves into her green artistry world. Her studio brims with innovative green products like terrariums and green panels made of stabilized plants, a testament to her creative spirit. These products, selling across Croatia, reflect her commitment to bringing nature closer to people.

Valentina's journey began pre-COVID-19, with the pandemic offering her the needed time to focus and eventually launch her business. Despite the challenges and learning curve in navigating the legalities of entrepreneurship, she finds the experience enriching.

In Croatia's competitive landscape, Valentina notes a supportive community among green art entrepreneurs. They often collaborate, sharing resources and ideas, fostering a healthy competitive environment. This camaraderie is vital in her industry, where creativity and innovation are key.

Valentina encourages young entrepreneurs to take the leap into business. She emphasizes the importance of trying and learning from the experience, rather than wondering about potential outcomes.

Looking ahead, Valentina envisions continuing her work in the green art space, creating pieces that bring the essence of the forest into indoor spaces. Her passion for nature and art drives her business, making her a source of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs in the creative industry.