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In this video "How to Reach Goals" psychologist Nagore, with extensive experience in human resources, shares her insights on goal-setting and achievement. This session is an invaluable guide for anyone looking to transform dreams into actionable, attainable goals.

Nagore begins by distinguishing between dreams and goals. Dreams are intangible and often without a plan, whereas goals are concrete targets driven by motivation. She emphasizes the importance of converting dreams into goals through well-defined action plans.

The core of Nagore's message revolves around ‘SMART’ goals. She illustrates this concept by using the example of running a 10-kilometer race, demonstrating how to set a specific, achievable target within a realistic timeframe.

Nagore also delves into key strategies for effective goal-setting. She advises focusing on positive outcomes and visualizing success to foster motivation. Building a supportive environment, acknowledging obstacles, and practicing resilience are essential in navigating the path towards goals.

Highlighting the 70-20-10 learning method, Nagore explains that 70% of learning comes from experiences, 20% from social interactions, and only 10% from formal training. She suggests using this approach in setting and achieving goals, whether personal or professional.

Nagore's expert guidance offers viewers practical tools and inspiration to pursue their ambitions with confidence and clarity.