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Glocal Factory

Glocal Factory is a network joining a social cooperative and a non–profit association.

The Association came earlier, founded in 2015 in order to design and implement European projects in social and educational fields. The Cooperative – based in Verona, Italy - was born in January 2018. At present, it involves 7 working members, 4 volunteer members and 6 working collaborators, who live all over Italy and abroad: Verona, Genoa, Modena, Florence, Rome, Greece, England.

Its core business includes planning and implementation of projects in the fields of education and innovative learning; social inclusion; entrepreneurship and labour inclusion; fight against racism, xenophobia, violence against women.

Our main activities are: EU projects (ERASMUS+, AMIF, CERV); training and resources for teachers, adult educators and youth workers (granted by ERASMUS+ KA1); studies and reports; collection and analysis of good practices in education and training; seminars together with research centres, universities, public institutions, local and international associations, NGOs.