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Baltic Ontopsychology Association

Baltic Ontopsychology Association is a non-governmental organisation that was established in 2004 and already for almost 20 years has set its activity in the territory of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

Mission of BOA is using the ontopsychological method and achievements of the ontopsychological school to provide support to any action which has been aimed at the improvement of social conditions, human progress, as well as personal self-realisation and self-awareness, in order to raise the welfare of the society as a whole.

Our main activities are: elaboration and implementation of the personality's development programs, motivating the interested minds to engage in the implementation of the significant social aims, organisation and management of the educational and consultative activity, providing such knowledge and experience for the individual, which are necessary for human's successful and valuable integration and living within the civil society; exploration of the intellectual resources and accomplishments of the scientific works; organisation of conferences, seminars, congresses, exhibitions and other events and management of the information and cooperation provision; elaboration and management of the innovative projects according the European and national priority directives, enabling the correlation of the economic responsibility and the social wealth; development of the social dialogue on purpose to strengthen the cooperation between public authorities, social partners, and educational institutions to promote the participation in the social life of the local people, especially young people, who are equal in rights, responsible and socially active; implementation of development cooperation and promotion of the sustainable economic and social development in the Baltic region; development of the ideas for promoting the civil activities and democracy, and responsible involvement of members in the policy making, implementation, assessment in order to protect human rights according to the national standards, the European Union and priorities of the United Nations Organisation.