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Focus groups and workshops

Focus groups and workshops are a significant part of the Web-Lab project. These activities are designed to engage young people directly, providing them with a platform to express their views, share their experiences, and contribute to the project's objectives. The project is conducting 2 focus groups and 2 workshops in each partner country, making a total of 10 focus groups and 10 workshops.

These focus groups and workshops are interactive and participatory, ensuring that young people are not just passive recipients of information but active contributors to the project. The insights gained from these focus groups and workshops are invaluable in ensuring that the project's outputs are relevant and responsive to the needs of young people.

The focus groups and workshops also provide an opportunity for young people to develop their skills and competencies. By participating in these activities, young people are developing their communication skills, critical thinking skills, and problem-solving skills.

In addition, the focus groups and workshops provide an opportunity for the project partners to engage directly with young people, gaining a deeper understanding of their needs, challenges, and aspirations. This direct engagement is crucial in ensuring that the project's outputs are relevant, responsive, and impactful.

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Web Platform

The Web Platform is designed to be a comprehensive resource for youth with fewer opportunities. It is a tool that aims to provide a wide range of services and resources to its users. The platform is expected to be used by a broad audience, including young people with fewer opportunities and those at risk, as well as other vulnerable groups. The platform is designed to be easily accessible and user-friendly, with the goal of reaching as many potential users as possible. The platform also serves as a tool for improving the visibility of the project in general.

The Web Platform contents are made by Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0). All project resources, including dissemination materials, are available on the platform for further sharing. The platform will continue to be available and maintained after the project’s completion.

The platform and resources have been developed in collaboration by partner organisations, supported by young people in their area from the initial idea generation, through development of the resources, testing, and wider dissemination. It is hoped that the platform will continue to be used long after the project’s completion.

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Interactive content and Webinars

The interactive content and webinars are a crucial part of the Web-Lab project. This output is designed to provide young people with a variety of tools to help them discover their skills and qualities, provide educational and business orientation, and offer the opportunity to acquire and develop additional skills, self-awareness and competencies that are key to entering the labour market.

The interactive content includes surveys, quizzes, and puzzles. These tools are designed to be engaging and informative, providing young people with a fun and interactive way to learn and develop their skills. The content is designed to be accessible and easy to use. In addition to the interactive content, the project also includes webinars. These webinars are recorded and made available on the Web-Lab platform, providing young people with access to a wealth of information and learning opportunities. The webinars cover a range of topics, all designed to support young people in their personal and professional development.

The interactive content and webinars, built on the needs analysis made during the focus groups, are a key part of the Web-Lab project's mission to support young people with fewer opportunities. By providing these resources, the project aims to empower young people, helping them to develop the skills and confidence they need to succeed in the labour market.