webLab Concept

The following figure shows the framework of the webLab-Concept. It consists of seven learning units. By clicking on one of these learning units a table flicks up below. It shows more detailed information concerning learning goals and competences, learning methods, possible topics, and not to forget the merging of the learning unit with the weblog.
Enjoy testing it out!

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Me… setting goals for my stay abroad

Learning goal: Formulation of individual interests and aims of development for the stay abroad

Competences: The learners…

  • are able to anticipate the stay abroad.
  • can list own interests concerning
    • interesting vocational aspects (activities, processes, departments)
    • interesting cultural aspects (language, socializing)
  • are able to formulate learning goals concerning to
    • a (school) subject / issue
    • language skills
    • knowledge about how to orientate
    • processes

Possible topics:

  • Host country
    • Structure
    • Customs and traditions
    • Countryside
    • Politics
    • Culture
    • Language
  • Formulating of interests and goals


  • Mind-map
  • Research
  • Presentation
  • Cooperative learning

Integration in the

  • Post: Profile of the host countryAusrufezeichen
  • Post: My interests
    and learning goals