webLab Concept

The following figure shows the framework of the webLab-Concept. It consists of seven learning units. By clicking on one of these learning units a table flicks up below. It shows more detailed information concerning learning goals and competences, learning methods, possible topics, and not to forget the merging of the learning unit with the weblog.
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Me… and my my vocational profile abroad

Learning goal: Analysis of characteristics and requirements of the apprenticeship and its profession abroad

Competences: The learners…

  • deal intensively with the job profile abroad.
  • are able to create a profile of requirements regarding their own occupation requiring formal training.
  • get to know typical possibilities of training as well as further trainings.
  • recognize differences as well as commonalities with regard to training issues / job issues in their home country.
  • are able to appraise a job‘s importance / significance in the host country.
  • use relevant sources for information seeking.
  • use assistance offers regarding lingual orientation. (reference books, translation tools etc.)

Possible topics:

  • Company’s ratios (balance, number of employees, etc.)
  • Company’s structure (organizational structure, etc.)
  • Corporate organization
  • Methods how to search on the internet
  • To read / understand requirements’ profiles / qualifications’ profiles


  • Researches (Internet, conversations, etc.)
  • Presentation
  • Creating companies’ profiles
  • Writing fictive job advertisements
    (maybe in a foreign language?)

Integration in the

  • Post: Illustrating a company’s profile
  • Post: Illustrating a Ausrufezeichenjob‘s  requirements‘ profile