webLab Concept

The following figure shows the framework of the webLab-Concept. It consists of seven learning units. By clicking on one of these learning units a table flicks up below. It shows more detailed information concerning learning goals and competences, learning methods, possible topics, and not to forget the merging of the learning unit with the weblog.
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Reflection of the whole webLab-Process: "What did I learn?"

Learning goal: Individual reflection and view regarding the entire webLab process

Competences: The learners…

  • reflect the entire webLab process.
  • are able to position themselves regarding to working opportunities in Europe.
  • are able to formulate advantages of the host country, concerning both technically / vocationally as well as  social / cultural perspectives.
  • run a self-critical assessment concerning the achievement of the set learning objectives.
  • are able to formulate more goals of development, resulting from the internship experience.

Possible topics:

  • Working in a foreign European country
  • Host country as a model?
    • profession / job
    • culture/ society
  • Reflexion of self set learning goals


  • Presentation
  • Discussion group
  • Vision of the future
  • Self-assessment
  • Assessment

Integration in
the weblog:

Post: “Did I achieve my Ausrufezeichenlearning objectives and what do I take along?”