webLab Concept

The following figure shows the framework of the webLab-Concept. It consists of seven learning units. By clicking on one of these learning units a table flicks up below. It shows more detailed information concerning learning goals and competences, learning methods, possible topics, and not to forget the merging of the learning unit with the weblog.
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Process of (re)defining goals: "Can I achieve my objectives?"

Learning goal: Merging individual interests and objectives with the requirements of the occupational demands in the host country

Competences: The learners…

  • compare individual interests and learning goals to vocational requirements.
  • reflect if the vocational requirements are compatible to the individual interests and learning goals.
  • reveal problems occurring during the matching process and find solutions.
  • think about how to use their own strengths (strength list) in order to meet the occupational and learning requirements
  • are able to position themselves in an argumentative way.

Possible topics:

  • (Self) assessment
  • Give and get feedback
  • Setting goals
  • Responsibility
  • Self organized learning


  • Talks / conversations
  • Comparison
  • Graphics
  • Priorization

Integration in

  • Learning-Ausrufezeichen