Advanced Training Concept (ATC)

The following figure shows the framework of the Advanced Training Concept (ATC) for teachers. It consists of five modules. By clicking on one of these modules a table flicks up below. It shows more detailed information concerning the module's objectives, competences participating teacher shall gather, possible contents, learning methods, and the use of a specific ATC-weblog within this advanced training program resp. the module.
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Module V: Final Reflection

Module objective(s):

Reflecting about the overall ATC, its (critical) success factors as well as possible fields of development.

Competences. The ATC-participants should….

…resume their own learning curve.
…state clearly relevant factors of success.
…consider their own development requirements.

Possible contents:

  • Review: potential and challenges of overall ATC
  • Relevant factors of success
  • Individual development requirements
  • Evaluation

Possible learning method:

  • Determination of position
  • ‚SWOT-analysis‘
  • ATC field report

Possible integration in the ATC-weblog:

Exchange within the context of the ATC-weblog about the ATC in general.