Advanced Training Concept (ATC)

The following figure shows the framework of the Advanced Training Concept (ATC) for teachers. It consists of five modules. By clicking on one of these modules a table flicks up below. It shows more detailed information concerning the module's objectives, competences participating teacher shall gather, possible contents, learning methods, and the use of a specific ATC-weblog within this advanced training program resp. the module.
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Module IV: Accompanying Instrument

Module objective(s):

Using the ATC-weblog as an accompanying instrument for reasons of documentation and reflection.

Competences. The ATC-participants should…

…learn how to use a weblog according to their own individual needs.
…use the weblog to document the overall ATC-activities.
…get used to the (new) technical tool.
…reduce existing obstacles.
…improve their general technical competence.
…be able to motivate students’ using the weblog.
…communicate as well as coordinate with each other.
…reflect their own actions.

Possible contents:

See other modules.

Possible learning method:

See other modules.

Possible integration in the ATC-weblog: