Advanced Training Concept (ATC)

The following figure shows the framework of the Advanced Training Concept (ATC) for teachers. It consists of five modules. By clicking on one of these modules a table flicks up below. It shows more detailed information concerning the module's objectives, competences participating teacher shall gather, possible contents, learning methods, and the use of a specific ATC-weblog within this advanced training program resp. the module.
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Module II: Technical Introduction

Module‘s objective(s):

Learning about the new media format weblog and getting some hints regarding its use within the context of organizing as well as conducting students’ internships abroad.

Competences - The ATC-participants should….

…be able to create a weblog (in an adequate content management system).
…know how to use a weblog in terms of using the technology.
…know how to use a weblog in terms of didactical means.

Possible contents:

  • Creation of a weblog
  • Use of a weblog
    • Communication structure (“Who writes to whom and how often?”)
    • Allocation of roles (such as author, guest, etc.)
    • Posts’ status (public, private)
    • Other agreements
      • How many posts and when to post?
      • Deadlines (for comments, etc.)
      • Assignments’ type (planned, spontaneous, etc.)
      • Length of the posts
      • Possible formats (texts, pictures, videos, links, podcasts, etc.)
  • Advantages and disadvantages of a weblog (from a didactical perspective)
  • Responsible use of the weblog tool
    • Data protection issues
    • Sensitive operating data
  • Netiquette agreements
    • Fair and respectful interactions
    • Level of linguistic accuracy
    • Use of emoticons

Possible learning methods:

  • Case example (see appendix ‘Module II – Worksheet A, B, C’)
  • Brainstorming “Advantages and disadvantages of a weblog”
  • Group discussion “Advantages and disadvantages of a weblog”

Possible integration in the ATC-weblog:

  • The learning results of the work assignments could be integrated
  • The discussion could be integrated (by using comments etc.)