Advanced Training Concept (ATC)

The following figure shows the framework of the Advanced Training Concept (ATC) for teachers. It consists of five modules. By clicking on one of these modules a table flicks up below. It shows more detailed information concerning the module's objectives, competences participating teacher shall gather, possible contents, learning methods, and the use of a specific ATC-weblog within this advanced training program resp. the module.
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Module I: Organization of the mobilities

Module objective(s):

Organizing the mobilities in order to create a solid basis on which the following modules can be built on.

Competences. The ATC-participants should….

  • …know about typical problem areas of mobilities.
  • …know about typical sequences of mobilities.
  • …know about relevant funding issues.
  • …know how to prepare their students in terms of mobilities.
  • …know about relevant legal issues.

Possible contents:

  • Important forms
  • Students‘ selection and acquisition
  • Establishing contacts to own partner school
  • Arrangement of adequate student accomodation
  • Trip scheduling/travel plans
  • Plan the timing of mobilities
  • Assigning responsibilities
  • Informing participating companies
  • Informing students’ parents
  • Creating as well as establishing adequate infrastructure

Possible learning method:

  • Developing a site-specific checklist (from both students‘ and teachers‘ perspective)
  • Brainstorming: “Which aspects needs to be considered regarding the organization of mobilities?)”

Possible integration in the ATC-weblog:

Please note: At this stage of the ATC, the ATC-weblog has not yet been introduced to the participants. At a later point, it would be helpful to upload the checklist on the weblog.